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    The most beautiful bookstore in China

    Bishan bookstore is an ancient bookstore hidden in a discreet small town 2 hours away from the infamous mountain Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) in China. It’s known as “the most beautiful bookstore in the world”.…

    November 10, 2018
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    Banff in 3 days

    No wonder the Rocky Mountains are a Canadian pride, they’re really quite magnificent. Let’s be real, Canada isn’t famous for tourism. There were 20.8 million international tourists in Canada in 2017. Same year in…

    July 4, 2018
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    Tulum in 2 hours

    We made friends with our local trip guide and convinced them to take us on half-day trip to Tulum. Something about the upscale boho-chic vibes there is so alluring. Part sanctuary for digital-cleansing, part…

    June 26, 2018
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    Kyoto’s earthly callings

    We stayed in a beautiful AirBnB in Gion, an area where every house walls were covered in wood panels and windows draped by bamboo shades. Every corner is a temple and every pebble stoned…

    April 2, 2018
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    A golden Hakone

    A day trip to Hakone that didn’t involve hot springs? It was worth the trade-off to spend our time wandering in mystical temples surrounded by golden gingko leaves. No we can’t even tell you…

    March 1, 2018
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    Tokyo City Guide – unique spots

    Tokyo is one of those fantastical places that feels different every time you visit. So I guess we’ll have to keep coming back! Here are a few of our favorite spots: 2K540 This quaint…

    February 27, 2018