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Huangshan China travel guide – 2 days

November 5, 2018

There’s a saying in Chinese, “when the wind doesn’t want to stop, how can the cloud stay?”

In other words, we should always make effort to spend time with our aging parents or grandparents. Sometimes we put things off because we’re “too busy”, but the “wind” can’t always wait.

We planned to take a family trip with our 91 year old grandpa. Of all places, we decided to take on the Huangshan, the Yellow Mountain – that’s right, a 6000 ft elevation mountain range. Even though grandpa won’t be able to hike it, we booked a hotel mid-mountain, so he can enjoy the view and fresh air.

Huangshan is one of the most famous mountains in China. You could hike from the bottom, or take a lift to the middle of the mountain and hike the rest. We did the former 🙂

The view after some leg workout was well worth it.

It was breathtaking for sure, though if one was lucky to encounter some heavy clouds, it’d be even more magical. We hiked the full day and ended the night with a nice hot spring bath to relax the sore muscles.

Hong Cun Village

This is a tiny tiny town an hour from Huangshan. It’s hundreds of years old and well preserved for life in the village in the old times.

  • old school house
  • cured meat

I have a thing with doors, clearly. Well, they’re technically “openings” to different parts of the courtyard – make quite a frame don’t they?

A bar called “Her Story”.

What an otherworldly experience. Hongcun takes you back to such a different time of living. People lived simple lives, the communities were like family, education was highly valued, and the best teas were enjoyed.

It was easy to get lost in these winding alleyways, (we did a few times), but we didn’t mind.

If you’re into off-the-beaten path finds, you’ll love the Bishan bookstore, a beautiful ancient bookstore hidden in the village of Bishan.

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