Rome – colosseum & the forum

November 4, 2014


We came across some seriously unbelievable surprises in Rome – we bumped into two groups of friends who came from two different parts of the world! No, we didn’t plan this at all and didn’t even know the other party was in Rome. How amazing is the coincidence?!

The ancient remains in the Forum and the colosseum were magnificent. Though I think it’s the whole image of new structures and preserved structures combined that is most memorable. One of my favorite things is actually the mushroom (or umbrella) looking trees around the city. These tall and adorable beings make such an unique accessory for this busy city. I simply can’t get enough of them!

Today’s itinerary was roughly the Forum, capitoline hill, Colosseum, gelato/lunch break, Pantheon, and Piazza Novona. I have to admit that some disappointment was involved because all of the restaurants/gelaterrias we bookmarked were closed due to the Romans’ holidays. Well, I guess we learned a thing about their culture! Nonetheless, the day was bathed in golden sunlight and I think my favorite spot was Piazza Novona during sunset. It was so lively, filled with musicians performing, artists displaying their paintings, merchants selling balloons, and of course excited tourists such as ourselves. Hope you enjoy the pictures (and stay tuned for more!)












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    Because I live in LA I must say that a playful and fresh outfit is a MUST. With our crazy/hot/sunny weather all I want is to put together an outfit just like yours: colourful, comfortable and stylish. Ps: wonderful photos! Rome is su

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