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    Huangshan China travel guide – 2 days

    There’s a saying in Chinese, “when the wind doesn’t want to stop, how can the cloud stay?” In other words, we should always make effort to spend time with our aging parents or grandparents.…

    November 5, 2018
  • City Guide Travel

    Kyoto’s earthly callings

    We stayed in a beautiful AirBnB in Gion, an area where every house walls were covered in wood panels and windows draped by bamboo shades. Every corner is a temple and every pebble stoned…

    April 2, 2018
  • Travel

    Marfa guide Day 3

    Welcome to day 3 of Marfa – well, to be accurate, today is mostly spent in Alpine, the neighbour town where we Airbnb’d at. Alpine is unsurprisingly tiny in an adorable walkable way. The…

    March 13, 2017
  • City Guide Travel

    Marfa Guide Day 2

    Welcome to day 2 of the Marfa, Texas travel guide! Let me warn you first that today is going to be magical, stimulating, and relaxing. On our list: Do your thing Coffee, Thunderbird Hotel,…

    February 25, 2017